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Current Kritter Kreator News and Information

Work unit proposal and submission for avaliable -- 4/4/03
The submission form makes it easier to know who is doing what and when. Fill one out, email it in, and get to work!

Roadmap -- 3/21/03
The latest Kritter Kreator Roadmap and the the Specifications/User Guide.

GUI Concept Art -- 3/3/03
Check out the slideshow of Ratchet's latest KK GUI design.

Let us have a moment of silence -- 1/25/02
Jorgan Sandman, our graphical designer, has left the project.
In other news, the poll is down. This is because my server is down :(. Sounds like the harddrive crashed but im not sure. Anywho, I'll have to get it on or something. Have a nice day!

Current Status -- 9/30/01
The VB version has been discontinued until further notice. I no longer have windows which complicates the production of any VB software.
The logo voting poll is almost up. Stay tuned for more info. You will be able to vote here.

The Latest -- 8/2/01
We are on the most active list in the game foundries again. This seems to be a regular thing now. We have been featured on recently. I think we are still on the news page. I still need to impliment a decent news posting system. I have been busy modelling a programming lately. Oh ya, and I get a healthy dose of The Opera (a Half-Life mod).
The C++ team is progressing. I (Absurdhero) am a about to start a Kritter Kreator experiment in Jamagic. It looks like a promising developement tool and its loads of fun. It's still beta right now but it will be out soon. Head on over to Click Team to check it out.

General Consensus -- 7/10/01
We have come to some agreements about the technical aspects of the game. Here are some generalizations:
-We are programming it in VB, Java, and C/++
-The VB version will use DirectX or native VB
-The java version will use the Java 2D/3D library for the most compatibility
-The C++ version will use OpenGL -The java version (maybe C++ too) will be designed with Windows, Linux(POSIX), and maybe Mac in mind. -- 7/9/01
We are on news today! I don't know how we are getting this publicity. But it doesnt hurt. -- 7/5/01
Kritter Kreator is in the news on That's great! The more support, the better.

Popular! -- 7/2/01
Kritter Kreator is in the top projects list on gamesfoundry! I guess this thing called work really does pay off! Then again, the goal isnt to be number 1 but it sure does help.

New Site Design -- 7/2/01
I am going to make a nice news post system that will look good too. Don't worry if this plain text bothers you.

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