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Roadmap for Alpha of Kritter Kreator

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This roadmap lists the targets that we are aiming for. The dates shown in the roadmap are goals, not deadlines. Work should be continued as bugfixes if something is not complete by its target date. Also, please look ahead and if something is big start work on it early.

I would like to start having bi-weekly builds of Kritter Kreator. My target date for having a working alpha of Kritter Kreator is 5/25/03 (the projects 2nd anniversary) but as stated before, these are goals, not deadlines.

All things will be explained as best I can. If you have questions or comments please feel free to contact me.




Big Files (<10k):

MSN Messenger:

AIM: zratchet2

Yahoo IM: zratchet2

IRC: #kreator


When you have a file to release, please put it in a compressed format (TAR.GZ/TGZ, ZIP or SIT formats preferred, but HQX or DMG forms are fine too) JAR format is fine for Java-based files.

Please label your files as follows:


Filename: the filename of your file - should match what part of the project you are working on, such as krittergraphics.

Completion Level: Alpha, Beta, Complete, Mature

Build Number: I have suggested build numbers in the roadmap later in this document.

Type: Source, Binary, Development or Unstable

Please also note dependencies (i.e. OS, version of Java, etc)

If 3rd-party software is required to run a file, please include it if possible (i.e. find an open-source version or create one)

Please send all files to

FEATURE INFO (Please refer as needed to the roadmap below to find out when these features should be implemented)


This will probably be a script, implemented on the website to gather info about a user's system in order to recommend the correct version of Kritter Kreator to download. It would also be able to help with upgrades to Kritter Kreator, and create a file so that the installer knows where to place easy-to-use links to Kritter Kreator, and set up sound and video properly for your OS.

Startup Script

Script based on BASH-type syntax that is able to run Java programs and background them as needed. A cross-platform script runner would be needed to run this, but by having this, you eliminate the need to use the command line to run all the separate components of Kritter Kreator. A splash screen feature would be nice on this as well.

Interface Viewer

Based on the concept screenshots I've made, this would use an enhanced HTML viewer to show most of the features of Kritter Kreator (The Game Arena and Map Editor are the only parts that will probably not use HTML for some components). Data would be created in either GOaL or XML format (more on GOaL in just a second)


GOaL ( ) is an XML-based language that makes creation of Game Maps, Objects, and Control Panels easier. These would be viewed through a GL4Java-based interface (the GOaLPlayer). The Map Editor, Game Arena, and Interface Viewer will use GOaL for interface components, maps, and 3D objects.

Preference Manager

The preference screens will use XML-based data management, but we may have a challenge in implementing it for different OS configurations.


Most documents will be created by me, but I'm open to suggestions and submissions.

Online Accessory

This is a plug-in between the Interface Viewer and myServer ( for multiplayer access) It also allows the Interface Viewer to access external webpages such as


We will need plenty of graphics work done:

  • 3D Models for Kritters, Plants, Buildings, etc.

  • Map Tiles (completing the Polar Icecaps Theme)

  • Interface Graphics

  • Animations

  • Skins for Kritters

3rd Party Software

I hope to eliminate or integrate as much 3rd party software as possible. We currently use:

  • Java

  • GL4Java/Mesa

  • Ant Compiler

  • DOM4J

GOaL and myServer are not considered third-party because I am either an administrator or member of those projects.

Archive Manager

The Archive Manager would allow graphics and other data to be stored in archives and loaded as necessary.

Map Editor

Using GOaL control panel coding and GL4Java rendering for the interface, this will be a GUI/WYSIWYG editor for GOaL map files which will be used for the game map format in Kritter Kreator.

Game Arena

The game arena is of course where you play with your kritters. The interface and graphics will be completely created through GOaL coding and the GL4Java renderer. AI code will be done in Java.

Saved Data

Saved Games, Kritters, Maps and other files will most likely use a GOaL-type format.


Hinge Object Data is an extension for GOaL 3D objects. With it 3D models for use as Kritters or other objects will be created as separate parts (i.e. head, body, etc.) and the model files will have a skin with colored dots or lines to show where hinges would occur. A reader (probably made in Java) would match colors on the models and create a hinge. (i.e. red dot on body and red dot on head creates a neck)

Dots would indicate a hinge that can go any direction. A cross would indicate a 4-way joint, and a dash would indicate a 2-way joint.

Once the kritter hinges have been connected, HOD would go to the next stage - painting the kritter.

The areas left black are actually a mask so that the player can paint his kritter in the game. Patterns selected by the user (such as stripes or spots) would be selected. Each pattern used would have its own mask so that it would show up only on the requested area. Stripes, spots, gradients and other things would be possible. The actual pattern files would be black and white but would be editable in the game through masks to make kritters be any color wanted. One other feature would be the ability to import a picture file and apply it, so you could put an actual picture of a face on a kritter, etc.

Game AI

Programmed in Java, there will be some all-encompassing AI (find food, pathfinding, etc.) plus AI's for each game type (like Capture the Flag)

Our first game type will be a Hide and Seek-type game. In it, camouflage is important, and kritters have a color-squirter that lets you mark kritters as found. At the end of the game, squirted kritters are given to the player who squirted them.

AI Player code will have to be made as well.


  • SFX and Music

  • Bugfixes

  • Other Graphics

  • Documentation

These things will be made as needed.

Also, I'd like to have these things in the 5/25/03 release:

  • 5 Kritter Templates (Mammal, Bird, Insect, Primate, and Marsupial)

  • 2 Game Maps

  • The rest of the Polar Icecaps theme (granite and moss tiles, plus a good sky (day and night) graphic, some 3D clouds and a good sun and moon. There will also be a few buildings: Landmark/Watchtower and Kritter Base. And last but not least, some trees and plants.)


0.0.1 - 3/28/03

  • FindDependencies

  • Startup Script/Runner

  • Interface Viewer/Pages

  • GOaL Map Codes 2.0

  • Preference Manager

  • Basic Documentation

0.0.2 - 4/11/03

  • Startup Script/Runner Bugfixes

  • Interface Viewer/Pages Bugfixes

  • Online Accessory

  • GOaL Additions/Bugfixes

  • 3rd Party Software

  • Graphics

  • SFX/Music

  • Bugfixes and updates

0.0.3 - 4/25/03

  • Startup Script/Runner Bugfixes

  • Archive Manager

  • Map Editor

  • Game Arena Interface

  • GOaL Control Panel and Object Codes

  • Saved File Format

  • Graphics

  • Maps

  • Bugfixes and updates

0.0.4 - 5/9/03

  • HOD Object Code

  • Kritter Templates

  • Kritters and Game Arena Display

  • Game AI and Computer Players

  • Music

  • Graphics (Kritter Skins, etc)

  • Bugfixes and updates

0.1.5 - 5/23/03 (Full Alpha)

  • Bugfixes and updates

  • Documentation and Website Updates

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Kritter Kreator is licensed under GPL 2.0 and was founded by Mikey Lubker.